What are the different types of sequins used in sequin embroidery machines?

Summary: Sequin embroidery machines can use a variety of sequin types to create different decorative effects and designs. The c...
Sequin embroidery machines can use a variety of sequin types to create different decorative effects and designs. The choice of sequin depends on the desired aesthetic, texture, and application. Here are some common types of sequins used in sequin embroidery machines:
Flat Sequins: These are the most basic and widely used sequin type. They are thin, flat, and typically round or square. Flat sequins are available in various sizes and colors and are suitable for adding sparkle and shine to designs.
Cupped Sequins: Cupped sequins have a concave shape, which allows them to catch and reflect more light. This design gives them a three-dimensional appearance and enhances their shimmer. They are often used for a more textured look.
Faceted Sequins: Faceted sequins have multiple small facets on their surface, similar to gemstones. This design increases their brilliance and sparkle. They are popular for adding a touch of luxury to embroidery designs.
Holographic Sequins: Holographic sequins have a metallic or iridescent finish that creates a vibrant and shifting color effect. They are used when a dynamic and eye-catching appearance is desired.
Paillette Sequins: Paillettes are large, oversized sequins that can make a bold statement. They come in various shapes, including circles, stars, and flowers. Paillettes are often used for theatrical or high-fashion designs.
Laser Cut Sequins: These sequins have intricate laser-cut patterns that can add intricate detailing to designs. They are often used for high-end fashion and couture embroidery.
Matte Sequins: Matte sequins have a non-reflective, matte finish. They provide a subtle, understated appearance, making them suitable for more subtle or vintage-inspired designs.
Pearl Sequins: Pearl sequins have a soft, pearly sheen and are often used to create a classic, elegant look. They can resemble small pearls and are popular for bridal and formal wear.
Metallic Sequins: Metallic sequins have a shiny metallic surface, available in various metallic shades like gold, silver, and bronze. They can add a touch of glamour and opulence to designs.
Velvet Sequins: Velvet sequins have a soft, textured surface that adds depth and richness to embroidery. They are often used for creating tactile and visually interesting designs.
Glitter Sequins: These sequins are coated with glitter to create a sparkly, textured effect. They are often used for children's clothing, dance costumes, and festive designs.
Hemispherical Sequins: Hemispherical sequins have a half-dome shape, providing a unique look. They can add dimension and interest to embroidery projects.
The choice of sequin type depends on the design, the fabric, and the intended use of the embroidered piece. Sequin embroidery machines can be equipped with different attachments or mechanisms to handle various sequin types and securely attach them to the fabric during the embroidery process.