LJ-Coiling Taping Embroidery Series

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LJ-Coiling Taping Embroidery Series

LJ-Coiling Taping Embroidery Series

LJ Rhinestone hot fixed (mixed) embroidery machine uses turn plate and nozzles to fix the rhinestones on fabric by ultrasonic hot melt. It automatically changes the rhinestones with size of SS6-SS30 2mm-6mm and colors from 1-6, with maximum speed of 200-250 pieces rhinestones per minute. Compared with way of traditional manual rhinestone hot fixed, it has advantages of excellent precision, better adhesive firmness and higher speed. It can be mixed with flat embroidery heads which equipped with sequin and taping devices, to make gorgeous combination of embroidery and rhinestones. It's mainly used for underwear, children's wear, embroidery designs, leather, hand bags, hair decorations, shoes and caps etc.

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      LJ-Coiling Taping Embroidery Machine Series

      LJ-Coiling Taping Embroidery Machine Series has different ways of work such as coiling, zigzag and frill embroidery

Embroidery Fabrics

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LJ-Coiling Taping Embroidery Machine Series Specification:

Needle Number

3、4、6、9、12、15 needles for option

Head Number

1-228 heads for option

Head Distance


Embroidery Area


Tension Base

Intelligent thread break detect

Main Shaft Motor

2.3KW Servo Motor×1pc

Upper Thread Holding Device

Automatic keep locked thread device(For Option)

Embroidery Speed: 1200
(850 and 1200 rpm optional)


Auto Lubrication

For Option

X/Y Motor

1.5KW Servo Motor ×2pcs

Control System

Dahao Computer

X/Y Drive

1.5KW Servo Motor ×2pcs


200,0000 stitches、200pcs design

Input Voltage

Three phase 380V(50/60HZ)/Single phase 220V(50/60HZ)/

Input Mode


Power comsumption


Design Format

Tajima (DST), DSB, BARUDAN, ZSK, binary system,Ternary system

Stitch Length


Head Structure

Double cam double lever structure, press foot and needle bar drive independently
(normal head/single cam double lever/double cam double lever optional according to needs)

Head Lock System

Solenoid jump or Motor jump

Machine Color


Embroidery trimming

Step into the dynamic automatically cut the line design (For Option)

Color Change

Screw rod automatic color(For Option)

Combination Embroidery Function


Sequin Device

Single sequin/Double sequin/Twin sequin/4sequins

Sequin Specification


Easy Cording Device


Beads device


Coiling head

For Option

M axis

Stepping fouces color changing

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