Ten common misunderstandings in computer embroidery industries

Summary: 1, the beginning of a new project please try to read the article for use. During this time, the most common fault commo...
1, the beginning of a new project please try to read the article for use. During this time, the most common fault common to capture one of the commands are bypassed, that is the number of application threads or embroidery thread number of shares of common faults. This will result in new projects in the past, the process does not operate in moderate process covering (too thick or too thin areas are suture).
2. In the selected substantially, generally have a large number of wires 28 or the incorrect type of embroidery fabric and most embroidery fabric has a clear claim manner. Smaller number of lines will result in the solenoid embroidery cloth poor molding. Estimates of the number of threads a topic or theme items must get less and less and more loose. This prompted the drive system and delete lines and is very easy to do more and more of the needle lace.
3. incorrect size, needle embroidery needle used is too large and will cause the fabric article needle and thread into the hole or withdrawn. It will also result in fabric wrinkled. Even if the needle is very small, there is no way assembly line. Line will lead to unnecessary damage and extra "ball of yarn."
4, when the sharp needle with a ball tipped needle should be applied a sharp needle, a needle and thread through the fabric should be able, as a multi-line plane and embroidery. Application ballpoint pen tip, the needle tube is not readily penetrate. They have to drag the fabric in the middle line, and the number of embroidery lines, and hung in the hanging line.
5, should be avoided throughout the beginning of all kinds of embroidery lines tying new project. Replacing it is a waste knot just started a new line, leave knot, or across the back of the hand-woven area, now long suture okay. Junction part lying behind the flat, when mounting the pressure down generated or excess volume. Often tying objects, the actual clean-up operation is usually self-reliance, so that you lack the embroidery industry.
6. The selected embroidery thread is heavy or light rough outline, this must be thick embroidery thread, and fine line to be very good line daily tasks. Line able to form together a coarse drive chain or drive chain into individual strand and cotton rope. In addition, application of the selected line of the fabric is too thick may cause problems, and move the fabric and the line is moved to a line included Bohou applied, wrinkles.
7. cheaper alternative Spiraea line by line processing as a "process theme" (usually 5 or 6-flowered silk cotton bead) package, on behalf of the friendship bracelets, lace drawing process and the use of children or other processing objects do not use in embroidery. Quality processing line is much lower than the embroidery line. Technical facilitate external thread damage, visible color tone is not wide. They will not easily fade, the fabric will be colored plates during the cleaning process into the whole.
8 with a pen or pencil marks to the fabric. Promoting the use of chemical fibers with a permanent marker, stones or permanent marker to identify your fabric pencil aqueous solutions embroidery fabric. You do not have to use all kinds of special pen or pencil on paper. The basic pen (sometimes even those labeled as "permanent") will resolve into the fabric or clean up, or will not completely picked.
9, the application of the transfer paper instead of a soluble thermally conductive fabric pencil or pen pencil pencil is tolerance for the overall planning of iron. This represents, road marking requirements completely covered with embroidery, information on new projects have been completed or will be displayed. In turn, the application of water-soluble fabric on the overall planning of the pen or pencil marks. Reminder: If in doubt, test your application will be washed out of the pen or pencil on a small piece of fabric.
10, the transfer paper is ambiguous or distorted iron is of a false terminology. Press the transmission would be a good terminology, such as by ironing and 2 are not the same article. When application delivery, the results are ambiguous marks on the fabric paint to hot - iron around, drag paper (ironing), rather than carefully iron out little good-natured, it will move to the next tourist attraction (press). Move to another embroidery move some of the top 20.