Requirements and production methods of gold embroidery and sequin embroidery

Summary:1. Composition, production and requirements of sequin embroiderySequin embroidery consists of several sequins and stitch...
1. Composition, production and requirements of sequin embroidery
Sequin embroidery consists of several sequins and stitches. The sequins are made of materials with hard texture, smooth surface and high smoothness. With different colors, sizes and shapes, the embroidery has a unique effect. Usually, the production process of sequin embroidery is as follows: the sequin device (distributor) places a sequin in a specified direction. On the fabric, at the same time, the embroidery needle pierces the fabric at the center of the sequins to fix the position of the sequins, and then uses this as the center to stab the sequins back and forth along the outer edge of the sequins for a few stitches to wrap the sequins and make them stick to the fabric.

It can be seen that the sequin dispenser and the embroidery needle move at the same time and cooperate with the movement of the embroidery frame to complete the sequin action. In order to ensure high embroidery quality, it is necessary to avoid the collision between the dispenser and the embroidery thread during the feeding process, resulting in flying pieces and thread breakage; During the embroidery process, the needles should be avoided on the sequins, and the embroidery sequence should be planned to reduce unnecessary stitches on the premise of meeting the requirements of the sequins distribution shape.

2. The selection of sequin embroidery
Made of high-quality PVC material, the color is bright and clean. Comes in all shapes and sizes at a great price. Flower-shaped slices include garden flat slices, square flat slices, circular concave slices, square concave slices and elliptical slices. PET sequins, high temperature resistance, firm color, bright, are environmentally friendly products. The size is about 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm flat.