Introduce the application scope and characteristics of towel embroidery

Summary:Scope of application Towel embroidery/chain embroidery has broad development prospects in the fields of children's cloth...
Scope of application
Towel embroidery/chain embroidery has broad development prospects in the fields of children's clothing, home decoration, women's shoes and hats because of its strong three-dimensional sense, rich layers and gorgeous colors.

1. High-resolution color large-screen LCD display, dynamic digital tracking display pattern
2. Can read and write Tajima, BEHRINGER, ZSK, binary and ternary format files, with a storage capacity of up to 1 million needles and 99 patterns.
3. It has the functions of pattern rotation, scaling, editing and repeated embroidery; stitch compensation and patching.
4. With power-off protection and power-off recovery functions, disconnection detection functions.
5. Specific automatic color changing, presser foot lifting and automatic thread trimming functions (optional).
6. Feedback control function: Using the imported feedback control function, the movements of the needle and the rotary hook can be controlled more accurately, and a more stable embroidery effect can be obtained.
7. Automatic standby function: when the pattern embroidery is completed, the needle and presser bar will automatically rise to 27mm, which is convenient for frame changing.
8. The function of automatically changing the embroidery mode: the operation panel can be used to change the settings of towel embroidery and chain embroidery, and it can also be automatically and manually selected (up to 99 times can be set).
9. Automatic needle height adjustment function: According to the pattern and fabric thickness, the needle height can be adjusted automatically or manually (level 10) to obtain suitable embroidery tension and best embroidery effect.
10. High-speed and low-noise design: the high-speed operation of the chain head 600rpm and the flat embroidery head 850rpm are realized. During the embroidery process, the embroidery speed is automatically controlled according to the characteristics of the stitches. At the same time, each part of the main machinery adopts servo motors and cutting-edge electronic technology. , to achieve low noise operation.
11. Flat-covered needle compensation: The stitch length of the flat-covered thread can be increased or decreased as required.

Main configuration
1. The basic configuration is BECS-219 computer, and computers of various specifications such as BECS-C18/C88 can be selected according to user requirements;
2. Spindle motor: Servo drive (Panasonic, Dahao), variable frequency drive, etc. can be configured according to user requirements;
3. Embroidery frame drive: full servo drive or stepper drive for choice;
4. Original Japanese imported rotary hook, original Italian McGaudi belt;
5. New linear drive guide rail;
6. Automatic thread trimming device (optional)