How to Set Up the Single Head Embroidery Machine

Summary: Cap single head embroidery is a process that many people might prefer to learn since it comes with a lot of benefits. T...

Cap single head embroidery is a process that many people might prefer to learn since it comes with a lot of benefits. This process comes with the benefit of being able to create high quality embroidery with ease, speed and comfort. The most important benefit though is that this process uses the lowest amount of machine power and material thus enabling the user to save on these aspects.

The cap single head embroidery machine is created with two separate machines, one for the cap pattern and the other for the fabric threading. The first machine works by passing the needle from the cap head area through the fabric. The needle is fitted with a pin attached to a rubber band which allows the needle to pass through the fabric in a straight line, which is then converted into a pattern on the screen.

With the use of a computerized system for creating the cap embroidery the screen is electronically printed with the image as well as the stitch type and color. After printing the image onto the screen of a computer program is used to convert the design into a program file. The file is then transferred to a PC by use of a USB cable. Once the file is saved, it is opened in the PC's embroidery program where it can be edited using any software that is compatible. The most common program used for creating the cap embroidery is the Adobe software application which is widely available.

The second machine, the cap single head embroidery machine's server is connected to the computer via a USB port. The server has a special connection chip that allows it to communicate with the computer. This USB connection chip also allows the user to use their own original USB for connecting the embroidery area to the computer. When the color change is detected, the user has to first double click on the "Change" tab to enable the user to choose the color change mode from among the four available.

The third step in the process involves the installation of the server software. This software installs in the PC the cap and flat embroidery area cables. These cabling devices have to be properly attached to the machine to ensure that the embroidery is done on the correct area. Once these cables are installed and connected to the embroidery area, the machine starts functioning normally. The embroidery is done exactly as if it was being done in the same room. If the high quality of the fabric is not good enough then the user may have to go through several embroidery stitches until the proper high quality material is acquired.

There are three types of cap frame. The first type is where one cap frame is fitted with one sewing needle. The second type has two cap frames and the last type has a single cap frame and sewing thread with multiple needle holes.