How does the computer embroidery machine embroider?

Summary: How does the computerized embroidery machine embroider? The computerized embroidery machine is a kind of embroidery ma...
How does the computerized embroidery machine embroider?
The computerized embroidery machine is a kind of embroidery machine. It can design the pattern in advance, and then input the data into the machine. The machine can automatically embroider the pattern you set. Then how to use the computerized embroidery machine?
1. First use embroidery CAD software to make a plate, and generate embroidery patterns and data.
2. Enter the data into the machine, adjust the approximate starting position, and go empty first to determine whether the position setting is appropriate. If appropriate, go back to the original point directly, exit the idling, and click "Direct Embroidery" to start.
3. After the machine is running, rewind the empty lock cylinders below in time. After two or three lock cylinders have no threads, you can suspend the machine and replace all the lock cylinders when the embroidering position is at the bottom. Then re-wind the changed lock core and repeat it.
4. It should be noted that if the colored thread used for embroidery is nearly used up, it needs to be connected from the source in time, and then the new thread should be pulled out and punched again.
Precautions for using computerized embroidery machine
The computerized embroidery machine is a kind of high-precision embroidery machine. When embroidering operations, you need to pay attention to the details of the operation to avoid work injuries and improve work efficiency. The things you need to pay attention to when operating the embroidery machine are:
1. When multiple people operate the same embroidery machine, they need to cultivate a tacit understanding and be vigilant at all times. Do not keep their hands on the movable embroidery machine parts to avoid pinching the hands when the parts move.
2. When the embroidery machine is running, do not put your hands on the table or frame to avoid being pinched when the frame is moving. Please do not replace the bobbin case when it is not completely stopped, and do not thread the thread during operation.
3. Pay attention to the dangerous areas when operating the computerized embroidery machine, such as the gap between the embroidery machine platform, the stop position of the first needle of the machine head, and the stop position of the last needle of the machine head.
4. The computer embroidery machine needs to apply thread oil once a day and oil twice a day to help the machine run better, so that it is not easy to break the thread and can improve work efficiency.

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