The difference between a vertical home computerized embroidery machine and a desktop home embroidery machine

Summary: 1. Functional aspectsVertical household embroidery machines emphasize embroidery processing and have relatively co...
1. Functional aspects
Vertical household embroidery machines emphasize embroidery processing and have relatively complete functions. This is very close to industrial embroidery machines and can perform complex and exquisite embroidery processing. Most of the horizontal household embroidery machines focus on sewing, and the embroidery function is relatively single and weak. Because of this functional difference, horizontal (desktop) home computerized embroidery machines are also called embroidery machines or embroidery and sewing machines.
2. Floor area
Vertical household embroidery machines are usually less than one meter in length, width and height. They are small and easy to move. They are the first choice for ordinary family clothing embroidery processing or self-employed family workshops. Desktop home embroidery machines are relatively smaller in length, width and height, but because they are horizontal models, they need to be placed on the table when they are used. In this way, the two have the same size.
3. Number of embroidery stitches/number of colors
Vertical home computerized embroidery machines are generally 12-needle or 15-needle, which can embroider patterns of 12 or 15 colors at a time, that is, if the embroidery pattern does not exceed 12 or 15 colors, the embroidery can be completed at one time. There is a wide selection of embroidery patterns. There are many single-needle horizontal embroidery machines on the market, and occasionally four-needle or six-needle ones can be embroidered with one color, four or six colors at a time. If there are many colors, other processes need to be adjusted to improve the efficiency or embroidery effect. There will be some impact.
4. Embroidery area
The embroidery area of ​​the vertical home computerized embroidery machine is relatively larger, 36*50cm, and the X-axis extension frame device can also be selected to expand the embroidery area. The embroidery area of ​​horizontal (desktop) home computerized embroidery machines is generally 10*10cm, 16*26cm, or 23*30cm.
5. Embroidery machine speed
Generally, the vertical home embroidery machine has a relatively higher speed, especially the Tajima home embroidery machine, which has achieved high-speed and stable operation, and can embroider up to 1200 stitches per minute with adjustable speed. Horizontal household embroidery machines usually only have a few hundred stitches per minute.
In summary, the difference between the vertical home embroidery machine and the horizontal home embroidery machine is obvious. Users can choose the most cost-effective embroidery machine according to their needs.

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