Precautions in the production of bead embroidery computer embroidery

Summary:Nowadays, most embroidery is done by computerized embroidery machine. It is understood that sequin embroidery can be reg...
Nowadays, most embroidery is done by computerized embroidery machine. It is understood that sequin embroidery can be regarded as one of the traditional Chinese folk handicrafts. Chinese embroidery mainly includes four categories: Su embroidery, Hunan embroidery, Shu embroidery, and Guangdong embroidery. Embroidery techniques include: wrong stitch embroidery, random stitch embroidery, net embroidery, full-floor embroidery, stitching, nasi, nasi, flat gold, shadow gold, pan gold, velvet laying, velvet scraping, yarn poking, thread sprinkling, Pick flowers and so on. Sequin embroidery is now widely used in clothing, curtains, jewelry and other industries. It is not only exquisite in production craftsmanship, but also in color matching.

The effect of sequin embroidery is mainly displayed by color, but it is inseparable from the three basic colors of red, yellow and cyan. These three colors are the primary colors. Colors are mainly divided into color series and achromatic series. Black, white, and gray belong to the achromatic series of sequin embroidery. All other colors belong to the color series. Color is composed of hue, lightness, and purity. Lightness refers to the changes in color, and hue refers to the names of different colors. Purity refers to the purity of the color contained in the color.

What do you need to know about making high-quality sequin embroidery?
1. How to fix the sequin embroidery:-There are two general fixing methods (Y-type fixation and straight-line fixation), of course, you can also play freely as needed. The main applications of these two fixing methods are: Y-shaped fixing method-generally used for sequin embroidery, and the one-line fixing method for single sequin embroidery is generally used with a single thread Shen Lian—The type of sequins. The popular understanding is the type of "candied haws skewers".

2. How to put the sequins: To put down the sequins for sequin embroidery, you must first press the sequin status button and then use the right key of the manual stitch to lay down the sequins, and try to put the sequins in the range of 0 to 180 degrees, otherwise it will cause Turnover and drop rate increased. After finishing the sequins, the sequin status button must be floated.

3. What are the requirements for the sequin placement distance: When the sequins are correctly placed at the above angle, they must be fixed with embroidery thread. The fixed length of sequin embroidery is generally 1/2+0.3 of the outer diameter of the sequin.