Maintenance points of computerized embroidery machine — Maintenance of trimming parts

Update:10 Sep 2020

The thread trimming angle of embroidery machine is betw […]

The thread trimming angle of embroidery machine is between 285º~286º, some of them can set the trimming angle and the trimming length and thread hook ratio. Now introduce a simple method of adjusting the thread trimming cam, which is the most commonly used method when repairing the trimming part.


Specific adjustment method: stop the machine at 100º, hold the trimming electromagnet up by hand, just when the trimming pendulum pin enters the position where the arc of the trimming cam groove is the lowest, this is the best position for the installation of the trimming cam, tighten Thread trimming cam screw, the position of trimming cam can be moved forward and backward to control the length of thread trimming head.

Note that when the trimming lever pin enters the trimming cam groove, there must be a gap between the pin in the groove to prevent the pin from jamming in the groove during trimming. The principle of the embroidery electromechanical magnet thread trimming mechanism is the same as that of the computer lockstitch sewing machine. If some machine heads are found to be poorly trimmed, check whether the position of the moving knife is too large and whether the moving and fixed knife edges are worn. It is worth noting that the position of the trimming cam should not be changed under normal circumstances, and can only be changed when most of the machine heads are poorly trimmed and overhauled.

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