Introduction of embroidery effect of computerized embroidery machine

Summary: How to control the embroidery effect of the computerized embroidery machine? First, let me introduce the electric contr...
How to control the embroidery effect of the computerized embroidery machine? First, let me introduce the electric control. The electric control is the core part of the embroidery machine, and the frame-driven mode is the most difficult and core part of the electric control. Because the operating mode of the frame during embroidery will directly affect the quality of the embroidery effect, such as a small letter pattern, the stitch length is up to 1mm, then how should he control the motor control? The frame motor is pushing the frame After finishing the last stitch, it will stop first to insert the needle into the fabric first, then the motor needs to stop, otherwise the needle and thread will break. After the needle bar is pulled out of the fabric, the frame can move to the next needle drop point.
So how does the frame work in this 1mm? Because the frame motor goes from static to high-speed and then to static, what are these running trajectories? How are stitches of different lengths distributed? It is at high speed and low speed. How to allocate it? Wait, these are its core parts, which is why the effect of embroidering small English letters on domestic machines is not so good. But this requires experience and time to explore slowly. We have also used special instruments to measure the frame operation mode of imported and domestic machines. The result is incredible. The waveforms driven by the frames of the domestic machines are perfect and neat, while the imported machines are messy, but the embroidery effect is just right. On the contrary, the small English letters of the imported machine are very clear, sleek and beautiful.
This is why the imported machine 20 years ago can make very precise patterns as long as the mechanical parts are adjusted well, and the effect is better than the new domestic machine. Due to space reasons, here is a little bit of fur, and a brief introduction. What about the mechanical part. The main problem is the frame part. Although your electronic control part has run commands, but your frame hardware can't keep up, you can't get a good embroidery effect. We have done experiments in the early days. As everyone knows, the old frame belt of Tajima machine is green, but now the one used is white. In fact, they are not provided by the same supplier, which means that their gears are bonded. There must be a difference.
When we tested the combination of the green belt and the green pulley, the embroidery effect was perfect. When the green belt pulley and the white belt are combined, the embroidered small English letters are very bad, and you can't see what letters they are. Later, a more interesting problem was discovered. The frame stroke of the machine was 330. When we observed that the data on the operation panel had reached 330, the actual running result of the frame was only about 329.5. When the green belt was replaced, the problem was solved immediately. Maybe we can't observe the difference between the two belts with the naked eye.
Often we don't care about these small problems, which eventually lead to some very important problems. In fact, many people think that imported machines are good, so they just buy some old imported machines outside. These machines have been used for many years without any treatment at all. After they finally bought them, they discovered that the embroidery of the original imported machines The effect is no more than this. In fact, this is just a misunderstanding. If you buy an old machine and do some processing, you can reflect the performance value of the machine. If you don’t want to deal with it, just use it like this. I suggest you don’t buy an imported second mobile phone, which is better than domestic The new embroidery machine is not good! The embroidery effect is not good, and the thread is broken! As for the thread take-up cam, the effect of the embroidery effect is mainly manifested in the cooperation with the frame when it is running, and the tightness of the thread also seriously affects the embroidery.