Process characteristics of water-soluble embroidery lace

Summary:What is water-soluble embroidery lace? The technical characteristics of water-soluble embroidery lace; when it comes to ...

What is water-soluble embroidery lace? The technical characteristics of water-soluble embroidery lace; when it comes to embroidery lace, everyone may not be unfamiliar, because it is widely used in women's apparel, underwear, home visits and other industries. And it's very popular! So what is water-soluble embroidery lace? Water-soluble embroidery lace is a kind of embroidery lace. It is called water-soluble embroidery lace because it uses water-soluble non-woven fabric as the base fabric and viscose filament as embroidery thread, which is embroidered on the base fabric by a computerized flat embroidery machine. On the upper part, the water-soluble non-woven base fabric is melted by hot water treatment, leaving only the realistic and three-dimensional embroidered lace, so the beautiful name water-soluble lace remains. 

Water-soluble embroidery lace uses nylon mesh, stretch spandex net, stretch frame (swimming suit) cloth and other materials as the base fabric, water-soluble paper as a backing, polyester, viscose and other raw materials as the veil, and cotton yarn as the back yarn, combining the ancient embroidery art with Modern advanced weaving and dyeing technologies are innovatively combined to produce various patterns of rich water-soluble embroidery lace.

This is a multi-purpose water-soluble embroidery lace that can be used as a design element to decorate a variety of items. The lace has the artistic characteristics of calm color and elegant style. The soft semicircular arc is matched with 7 petals, and then connected by the silk thread, which fully shows the effect of exquisite craftsmanship, delicate, elegant and gorgeous. Flexible stitching, meticulous embroidery and vivid image. The source of the designer’s inspiration and the mysterious nature, the nature is so great that there are too many mysteries for plants that we can’t explore. With a longing for the mystery of nature, the designer designed a different seven-petal flower, surrounded by clouds and flowing water. With green leaves. Full of literary and retro atmosphere.

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