How to Choose an Embroidery Machine

Summary: The 2 heads cap embroidery machine is a great tool to have for embroidery work, home sewing and for commercial work.The...
The 2 heads cap embroidery machine is a great tool to have for embroidery work, home sewing and for commercial work.The machine comes with a host of features including the double trigger, which allows you to sew in two directions at one time. The double trigger allows you to change stitch types, color and size by simply pressing a button and then pressing the reverse button to get to your starting position. There is also a foot pedal that is great for controlling the machine's speed.
The machine's main feature is its ability to sew in both directions and simultaneously. This is achieved through the use of the needle that moves back and forth. You place your work under the cap and then press the needle into the cloth. Once this is done you can start to stitch your work with both the needle and the cap positioned underneath. The stitches will move back and forth between the two heads at the same time. Because of this the time it takes to complete your work is greatly reduced.
The most obvious area where this machine excels is in the sewing area. Being able to sew in both directions and simultaneously makes it easier to complete long, narrow stitches such as a blanket stitch or a basting stitch. It is also useful when sewing up shirts and blouses because of the cap's ability to keep the seams together. If you are sewing something such as a dress then the cap becomes very useful in holding the seam while you pull the sleeves up over the head and below. This stops the sleeves from pulling out of their holes in the cap and makes it much easier to make the final button hole.
The ease with which this cap can be used with embroidery machines is one of the reasons that they have become so popular. They can also be useful in other areas of embroidery. Many people have found that having more than one cap on the machine helps them finish quicker and helps them increase their ability to do a variety of stitches. This not only helps them to speed up their stitching but also gives them more room to work. Many different sizes and colors of caps can be purchased to meet the requirements of almost any project.
Many people wonder how to tell if their machine is strong enough for their needs. In general the best way to judge a machine's strength is to look at how many stitches it can handle without breaking. You should also consider how much use the machine gets. For example if you are only going to be sewing small items such as buttons and ribbon then a machine with a lower number of stitches is likely to be better.
To increase your embroidery machine's versatility another feature that you might like to include is a swivel head. A swivel head will allow you to easily turn the sewing machine around. This can be useful if you are not working on the same side as your regular machine. It can also be useful if you are travelling and would like the ability to attach the swivel head to a different port on the machine. The last feature that you may want to purchase is a feed arm. A feed arm will allow you to add a little extra weight to your embroidery machine which can help to increase its stability when being used.

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