How Industrial Embroidery Machines Work?

Summary: Industrial Embroidery is one of the tasks that cannot be done without the help of an industrial embroidery machine syst...

Industrial Embroidery is one of the tasks that cannot be done without the help of an industrial embroidery machine system. Whether you design a new logo for a company or you want to create new patterns, or you want to re-create your old designs, an embroidered product needs an industrial Embroidery Machine. Today, the process of creating embroidered products has changed. The designs are no longer being hand-drawn or printed on pieces of fabric before they are being made into thread. Instead, the process is done digitally, through a computerized machine.

Depending on the machine, there are basically 3 kinds of embroidered products available in the market today. Mechanical Embroidery Machine: This is probably the oldest kind of embroidery machinery found in embroidery businesses. It does not come with electronic or computerized features. Rather, it comes without a pedal that you need to manipulate by a foot pedal. However, this kind of industrial embroidery machine is not used often because it is very expensive.

Cap Embroidery Machine: This kind of industrial embroidery machine has automatic stitches. However, the designs are not uniform. A lot of people would use this machine because it is inexpensive, which is why many companies and individuals to purchase it. The downside to this machine is that the quality of the stitches it produces leaves a lot to be desired. Although some designs are uniform, the colors and the pattern look very amateurish. It also produces designs that are far from perfect, especially the ones with multiple colors.

Loom threader: It is also known as the bobbin winder or the cloth winder. This is one of the newest creations in the caps and apparel industry. This machine is equipped with a crank that causes a gentle motion on the loom thread thereby creating the intricate designs needed for cap embroidery tasks such as patches, bandanas, capes, sports uniforms, and hats.

Multi-head Embroidery Machines: These are relatively new in the market. They are known to produce high quality embroideries, even with multiple colors. They have the same features as cap embroidery machines but the way they function differs. A multi-headed industrial embroidery machine can perform both cap and loom threading tasks.

Industrial Embroidery Machines is indispensable to any working class or commercial embroiderer. They ensure high working speed and productivity. Cap and loom threaders, and multi-headed embroideries keep the working speed at its optimum level.