Embroidery typing skills and embroidery related issues

Summary: 1. How to improve embroidery efficiency?The embroidery time is basically completely dependent on the speed of the embro...
1. How to improve embroidery efficiency?
The embroidery time is basically completely dependent on the speed of the embroidery machine. We can reduce the number of tricks and shorten the time of the flow of the flow according to the actual situation. Take the rice needle as an example. He is suitable for some larger embroidery. The general inertial pinch parameter is set to 4 mm. However, due to the trunk of his rice, the number is much higher than the other needle. We can try to reduce its number to 4.5mm or 5mm so that the number of needles will be reduced, and the finished product is not large. Because the embroidery machine stops when the cut line, then start, the number of times is too much, and the time is poor.
So when you type, you should try the same stitching aspects of the same color and connect, and then connect the stitches of different locations to reduce the number of exchanges and cut lines.
2. Whether I use a fabric I use, I have to add a line?
The function of the underlying line is to increase the stability and clarity of the pattern, such as embroidered elastic cloth, and the underlying line is almost indispensable.
3. If the underlying line is too thick, what will happen?
Although the underlying line can stabilize the pattern, it should be too thick, otherwise, the pattern becomes wrinkled, if the jet woven fabric, even cause a small hole.
4. Is there a difference in the pattern of embroidered cap?
At the time of typing, pay attention to the order of embroidery, you should start from the middle, embroidered to one side, and then embroidered the other side.
5. Why is the general embroidery wire, is it a lot of disconnection?
When embroideting the wire, except for slowing the speed, the line is tensioned, and it is also not to be able to encrypt the metal line to avoid the metal line to be pressed.
6. What should I pay attention to when modifying the DST file?
When reading the DST file is turned off, you can let you keep the pattern needle and shape when you move the pattern position, you just want to modify the flat bag, you can "identify" " Advanced Options To remove the timlings other than the flat bag; you just want to modify the flat needle, you can remove the timlings other than the flat needle, such as the flat needle that changes the flat needle length to "95", has an outline. If you don't have to pull a needle! Of course, if you are aimed at him, don't forget to put "Identify" also hook " If you change it, it has changed it. In "Advanced Options" of "Identification", if you set the parameters inside, you will not intend to think about the effect.