Computerized embroidery machine flat embroidery machine application range and functional characteristics

Summary: Computerized embroidery flat embroidery machines are widely used in embroidery techniques such as fashion, curtains, be...
Computerized embroidery flat embroidery machines are widely used in embroidery techniques such as fashion, curtains, bedspreads, toys, decorations, and arts and crafts.
1. Liquid crystal display: The high-resolution color large-screen liquid crystal display is adopted, and the pattern can be dynamically digitally tracked during the embroidery process, and the Chinese and English can be switched according to the needs. The operation is simple and convenient.
2. Pattern format and storage capacity: It can read and write Tajima, Behringer, ZSK, binary, and ternary disk format files, with a storage capacity of up to 1 million stitches and 99 patterns.
3. Pattern rotation and zoom function: The pattern can be rotated freely within the circle of 0-360 degrees, and it can also be reversed left and right. The pattern can be zoomed between 50-200% at will, and the rotation priority or enlargement priority of the pattern can also be selected to meet different needs of embroidery.
4. Pattern editing and combination function: The patterns in the memory can be edited and modified, and several different patterns, different directions, multiples, and distances can be combined into a new pattern, which is flexible and convenient to use.
5. Repeated embroidery function: It can be repeated or partly repeated normally, up to 9 times in the horizontal direction and 9 times in the vertical direction, for a total of 81 times of repeated embroidery.
6. Stitch compensation function: Automatically search for flat stitches for the specified pattern, and expand it as required to generate a new pattern.
7. Mending embroidery function: In embroidery, due to thread breakage and other reasons, individual machine heads may miss embroidery. At this time, they can return to the missing embroidery point. When embroidering ordinary patterns, the number of stitches is not limited, and the number of stitches is not limited. When designing, you can retreat to the starting point of the current common design.
8. Automatic compensation function: According to the different requirements of fabric patterns, the machine can set the compensation (0.1-1.0OMM) for the X axis and Y axis individually or at the same time to achieve the best embroidery effect.
9. With power-off protection and power-off recovery functions, disconnection detection function, automatic thread trimming function (optional).

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