Computer embroidery machine sequin mechanism card attention points

Summary:1. The sequin state button must be pressed in advance when playing sequins: as mentioned in the above basic knowledge po...
1. The sequin state button must be pressed in advance when playing sequins: as mentioned in the above basic knowledge points, to play sequins, the sequin state button must be pressed. However, if the sequins are to be dropped at the next needle drop point, and the sequin status button is pressed from this needle drop point, this is not acceptable. Because the sequin placement head on the sequin machine is driven by an air compressor, if there is air leakage or insufficient airflow, the sequin placement head cannot be placed in place in time, thus making sequin placement unsuccessful. So, to avoid this, the current solution is to drop the sequin placement head 50-100 stitches before the sequins are to be placed.

2. The choice of whether the sequin head is lifted or not: In the usual card making, it is not a one-time flat embroidery and then sequins, and it is not a sequins and then flat embroidery, but interspersed according to specific conditions. If the sequins are finished, a period of flat embroidery is required, and then the sequins are still applied. Then, in the process of flat embroidery in the middle, whether to lift the sequin head or not is a question that should be carefully considered. If there are not many stitches for flat embroidery in the middle, generally no more than 1K stitches at most, so don't lift the sequin head. If there are more needles in the middle, it is better to raise the sequin head. The former, do not lift, because the time consumption of raising the sequin head and putting down the sequin head is considered to be a larger proportion of the time of flat embroidery. For the latter, it is necessary to lift up because considering the number of needles, it is inevitable that the thread will break, and if the sequin head is not raised, threading will be more troublesome.

3. Lock the needle, close the coordination between the sequin head and the thread trimmer: The sequin machine must lock the needle, because the stitches for placing the sequins are at least 3.7mm plain needles. Therefore, if the lock pin is not strong, it will directly cause the film to drop. Usually a short stitch flat stitch is used to lock the stitch back and forth. If the sequins are not used, or the flat embroidery will be done for a period of time in the middle, the sequin head should be raised, and special attention should be paid to the relationship between raising the sequins and trimming the thread. The general principle is that the sequin head must be raised before the thread is cut.

Otherwise the thread trimmer will hit the sequin head. Moreover, because the thread trimming device is driven by the spindle motor, and the sequin head is driven by air flow, so if you want to trim the thread, it is best to lift the sequin head 50-100 stitches before thread trimming.

Sequin/Beads Embroidery Machine Series uses lock stitches embroidery without any falling off of thread. And meanwhile, it has the characteristic of chain stitch looping embroidery with strong sense of three-D. Compared with the high cost for chain stitch looping, lock stitch looping has much lower cost, and it also offers various kinds of beautiful embroidery.