The difference between embroidery and printing

Update:29 Mar 2019

The printing is performed by using a lace water-soluble […]

The printing is performed by using a lace water-soluble embroidery machine to express various patterns by color printing on the embroidery fabric, and generally appears on the sheets and the quilt cover. The main methods are direct printing, discharge printing, and anti-dye printing. With the development of technology, digital printing has appeared in the market. Embroidery machine embroidery has the following advantages compared with traditional printing technology:

1. The embroidery machine embroidery process greatly shortens the use of the original process route, and the order picking speed is fast, which greatly reduces the proofing cost.

2. The production volume is not limited, and mass production is realized.

3. The high-end embroidery machine can achieve the beauty of embroidery and craftsmanship.

4. The computer is embroidered and will not fade.

5. Computer embroidery machine is a professional embroidery software for computer programming to design patterns and needles, and finally achieve mass production of embroidery products. Computer embroidery not only makes a perfect inheritance of traditional hand embroidery, but also solves the current situation that traditional hand embroidery cannot complete mass production.

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