Mesh Embroidered Fabric Features Uses and Benefits

Summary: Features of mesh embroidery fabrics Good air permeability, after bleaching and dyeing, the cloth is very cool, in addi...

Features of mesh embroidery fabrics

Good air permeability, after bleaching and dyeing, the cloth is very cool, in addition to summer clothing, it is especially suitable for shawls and mosquito nets.

The usefulness of mesh embroidery fabric

Fabrics with mesh holes are mesh fabrics. Different mesh fabrics can be woven with different equipment. There are mainly two types of organic woven mesh fabrics and knitted mesh fabrics. Among them, there are woven mesh fabrics, white weave or yarn-dyed weave, and jacquard. It can be woven into simple and complex patterns, and has good air permeability. After dyeing and dyeing, the cloth is very cool. It is the most suitable for curtains and mosquito nets besides summer clothes.

Advantages of mesh embroidery fabrics

1. Good breathability and moderate adjustment ability. The three-dimensional mesh structure makes it known as a breathable mesh. Compared with other flat fabrics, mesh fabrics are more breathable, and through air circulation, the surface remains comfortable and dry.
2. Unique elastic function. The mesh structure of the mesh cloth has undergone high temperature setting in the production project. When subjected to external force, it can extend in the direction of the force, and when the pulling force is reduced and withdrawn, the mesh can return to its original shape. The material can maintain a certain elongation in the horizontal and vertical directions without slack deformation.
3. Wear-resistant and suitable, never ball. The mesh fabric is made of tens of thousands of polymer synthetic fiber yarns, which are refined from petroleum. Made of warp knitted weave, it is not only strong enough to withstand high-strength pulls and tears, but also smooth and comfortable.
4. Anti-mildew and antibacterial. The material is treated with anti-mildew and antibacterial, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.
5. Easy to clean and dry. Mesh cloth can be adapted to hand wash, machine wash, dry clean and easy to clean up. Three-layer ventilation structure, ventilation and easy to dry.
6. The appearance is fashionable and beautiful. The mesh fabric features vibrant, pastel colors that won't fade. It also has a three-dimensional mesh pattern, which not only follows the fashion trend, but also maintains a certain classic style.