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Summary:There are many names for computerized embroidery pattern-making software. Typical ones are: computerized embroidery soft...

There are many names for computerized embroidery pattern-making software. Typical ones are: computerized embroidery software, embroidery pattern-making software, computerized embroidery software, computerized embroidery pattern design software, embroidery CAD software, embroidery pattern design software, etc. The following is a detailed explanation of the differences in embroidery software for netizens. No matter what the name is, the core content is a professional application program that sets embroidery programs for computerized embroidery machines. Here, in order to facilitate the explanation of one embroidery, let's call it embroidery software.


For the convenience of analysis, Yi Embroidery temporarily divides them into two categories, domestic and foreign. First, let's take a look at what they have in common.


As you all know, the most basic concept of computerized embroidery is to use machines instead of labor to embroider, and the mechanical movements of embroidery machines are controlled by computers (the exact name is computers), so the computerized embroidery machine must be able to embroider correctly. For a pattern, a series of action parameters (commands) must be set, and the setting of this action parameter is what is usually called "embroidery pattern making" (or "embroidery pattern making"). The initial realization of embroidery pattern-making is done by the pattern maker using computer assembly language one stitch by stitch, one command and one command.

I personally think that assuming a pattern of about 50,000 stitches, the working time of a pattern maker may reach about one week. , And this is only a first edition, plus revisions, it is estimated that this trick will not be done well within half a month, and the efficiency can be imagined. Of course, with the rapid development of our computer technology, graphic CAD software has also emerged, and the embroidery plate-making software has therefore also taken an epoch-making leap. {Originally, Yi Embroidery also wanted to quote some information about the development history of embroidery software. Unfortunately, until now Yi Embroidery does not know when the first embroidery software was developed, so I feel ashamed. In fact, Yixiu already had embroidery CAD software when it came into contact with computerized embroidery pattern making, so here is only the word "Feiyue" to summarize the development history, hey} When the embroidery software is developed to this stage, computer assembly language has been used. The input of pure data is transformed into digital manipulation of graphics. Embroidery pattern-makers no longer need to understand computer assembly language, but only need to perfectly "draw" the outline of the pattern, set unified parameters, and hand over the data conversion to our computer That's it, which greatly improves the efficiency of embroidery pattern-making.


To sum up, whether it is domestic or foreign embroidery software, its work purpose is exactly the same as its core content: set the action program for the computer embroidery machine, and the embroidery pattern maker does not need to input the program data one by one, just It is enough to "draw" the "outline" of the pattern on the software's graphical interface, and the data conversion and input are completed by the embroidery software.

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