Introduce the composition and working principle of computerized embroidery machine

Summary:The computerized embroidery machine is mainly composed of three parts: a machine system, a transmission system, and an e...

The computerized embroidery machine is mainly composed of three parts: a machine system, a transmission system, and an electric control system. The machine system is mainly composed of frame parts, box parts, stabbing mechanism, thread take-up mechanism, color changing mechanism, thread clamping mechanism, embroidery frame parts, hand switch box parts, etc. The main engine of the transmission system is divided into servo electromechanical and Inverter electromechanical and embroidery machine servos mostly use Dahao servo system. For example: What kind of electromechanical is used in the frequency conversion electromechanical of a computerized embroidery machine? The speed of the electromechanical can be adjusted according to the stitch length of the embroidery pattern. In order to ensure the accuracy of embroidery, the main machine is equipped with electromagnetic brake. The main motor drives the lower shaft through the synchronous toothed belt, the lower shaft drives the upper shaft through the sprocket, the upper shaft mobilizes the cloth piercing mechanism and the thread take-up mechanism, and the lower shaft drives the rotary hook and thread trimming mechanism through the bevel gear. Thereby, the bottom thread and the upper thread of the embroidery machine can be locked to form embroidery stitches on the fabric.

First use embroidery CAD to make the pattern. After the natural pattern is generated, the discs containing the embroidery pattern and Mingtang are separated into the computer disk drive. Under French control, the computer changes the coordinates of Mingtang to offset the X and Y displacement of the stretch frame. The electrical signal of the same amount is sent to the X, Y, Z single-chip microcomputer system to stop the electromechanical rise and fall speed processing, and then input the three-phase six-time signature, the power amplifier box of the line electromechanical stops the power reduction, the red support X, Y stepping electromechanical, mobilizes the tension The frame realizes the feed movement between X and Y; at the same time, it drives the Z stepper motor to mobilize the needle to move up and down, so that the embroidery will continue to stop. The Z stepping motor transfers the thought mechanism to twist through the synchronous toothed belt and other driving mechanism. The specific mechanism of the machine head makes the lead mechanism and the needle take the lead in the upper thread making and movement, piercing the fabric; the hook in the hook thread mechanism twists , To make the upper thread bypass the bobbin case with the bottom thread; the thread take-up mechanism moves, transports the upper thread, tightens the stitch, and prepares the upper thread segment of the next stitch. The X and Y stepping motors mobilize silk frames and fabrics for three-dimensional activities through mechanisms such as synchronous toothed belts. Each stitch point to be embroidered on the fabric is sent to the machine needle for embroidery. The movement rate of the needle height and the movement direction of the stretch frame, the amount of movement and the movement speed of the machine move together in harmony, so that the upper thread and the bottom thread are twisted on the fabric. Make a double-thread lock stitch.

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