Four Factors of Form Beauty of Computer Embroidery

Summary:The beauty of computer embroidery form has a relative nature and is a relational category, which is determined relative ...
The beauty of computer embroidery form has a relative nature and is a relational category, which is determined relative to the color of clothing, clothing material, and clothing style. Clothing of the same style, fabric and color will have different sensory effects due to the difference in the composition, color, material and embroidery application position of the embroidery pattern, so that the whole clothing presents different style characteristics, so the main factor of the beauty of embroidery form is The composition of the pattern, the color, the material, and the position of the embroidery.

The composition of embroidery patterns used in clothing can be divided into four types: point composition; line composition; plane composition; comprehensive composition that combines point composition, line composition, and plane composition.

(1) Point-like composition
Dotted composition is to decorate garments with patterns of partial or small surfaces. This kind of "local block surface" or "small block surface" can be big or small, or single or multiple, but compared with the "line" and "surface" in the sense of clothing layout, it presents the shape of "point" appearance. The point-like composition has the characteristics of a series of "points" such as concentration, eye-catching and lively. These characteristics will inevitably make the embroidery pattern become the visual center of the clothing, so the point-like composition no matter what the content, form, decoration In any part, it is easy to become the focus of the line of sight, and it can add a sense of liveliness to the clothing, making a certain part prominent and eye-catching.

(2) Linear structure
Linear composition is an elongated pattern on the edge or a part of the garment that decorates the garment. Although the linear composition is not as concentrated, eye-catching and impactful as the point-shaped composition, the line has the characteristic of moving the viewer's line of sight in a certain direction. Guiding, creating and strengthening the division and definition of the clothing space form, therefore, the linear composition not only produces a dynamic and directional decorative effect in its own shape, but also plays a role in outlining and strengthening the outline, thus having an impact on the opposite side, so The linear composition is closely related to the style of clothing.

 (3) Planar structure
A surface composition is the form of a drape to decorate a garment. Due to the different design intentions and decoration methods, the way of paving can be divided into uniform distribution and uneven distribution. Uniform distribution means that the embroidery patterns are evenly distributed in the whole garment, which is mainly realized by the enlargement of the single pattern and the combination of the uniform group pattern and the garment, so that the original flat display pattern is transformed into a three-dimensional image. Uneven distribution means that the organization of the embroidery pattern alternates in size and density, giving people a strong visual impact through the contrasting relationship, thereby enhancing the individual characteristics of the clothing itself.

(4) Comprehensive composition
Comprehensive composition is a form of comprehensive application of point, line and surface composition to clothing. The combination of part and part, part and whole, as well as the relationship between the center and the edge, the main body and the foil where the embroidery patterns are distributed, make the clothing more layered and rich. When decorating clothing with a comprehensive composition, we must pay attention to the processing of the master-subordinate relationship and the contrast relationship, otherwise there will be problems of cumbersome stacking.