Color bead embroidery embroidery method and matters needing attention

Summary:Nowadays, embroidery is very popular in the market, with different stitching methods and different pattern effects. Nowa...
Nowadays, embroidery is very popular in the market, with different stitching methods and different pattern effects. Nowadays, cross stitch, color bead embroidery, ribbon embroidery, etc. are more popular, which are all very popular. Let's take a look at the color bead embroidery pattern book and the basic learning of color bead embroidery.

Basic learning of color bead embroidery
Color bead embroidery first comes up from the cross on the embroidered cloth, then picks a bead with a needle, stitches down from the opposite corner of the cross, and then comes up from the other end. Divide the thread in half and clamp the two sides of the bead respectively.

1. The embroidery method of color bead embroidery is that after the embroidery needle is threaded out of the embroidered cloth, use the needle tip to put on a bead that matches the color of the pattern from the dish.

2. Pass the threaded bead in from the second point of the diagonal, and then pass it out from the third point. At this time, one bead is finished. However, it should be noted here that when putting on the embroidered beads, from the second point to the third point, the needle is directly inserted, and the operation is completely on the front of the embroidered cloth. Don't divide it into two steps, first pass the needle completely into the second point and then pass the needle out from the third point from the back.

3. After the beads are embroidered in one row, move the needle from the back to the starting point of the second row. In order to ensure that when each row of beads is worn, their inclination directions are the same.

Precautions for color bead embroidery
1. When embroidering bead embroidery, the choice of beads is very important. When embroidering, be sure to choose beads of uniform size, so that the embroidered difference will affect the overall effect.

2. The inclination direction of all embroidered beads must be the same.

3. Generally, the starting needle is in the bottom row of the pattern.