Zhuji Embroidery Machine Industrial Park Promotion Conference

Update:29 Dec 2018

In order to further integrate resources and accelerate […]

In order to further integrate resources and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the Zhuji computer embroidery machine industry, in the afternoon, the “City of Youth” Jidong Street Embroidery Machine Industrial Park Investment Promotion Conference was held in Shanghai. Representatives of motors, CNC, parts and equipment manufacturers from Changzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, etc., as well as representatives of 12 embroidery machines from Dahao, Lejia, Shunda, Yuelong, Maya, Xinsheng and Jinhongda More than 30 people attended the promotion meeting. He Wei, Chairman of China Sewing Machinery Association, Jin Lizhen, Vice Mayor of Zhuji City, Xiaofei Fei, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Jidong Sub-district Office, and Chen Yuming, President of Zhuji Computer Embroidery Machine Industry Association attended the promotion meeting.

Director He Wei said that “computer embroidery machines look at China” and Zhuji is the most concentrated cluster representative in the Chinese computer embroidery machine industry. After 30 years of rapid development, especially after the financial crisis, Zhuji embroidery machine enterprises seized the opportunity, actively seek change, transform and upgrade, increase R&D investment, improve product quality, and the industry has achieved rapid and healthy development. Now, the embroidery machine industry has entered a new stage of development. The investment promotion meeting of Jidong Street hopes to attract more computer embroidery machines and related industries to Zhuji investment development, which is a positive signal for the embroidery machine industry and the whole industry. . It is believed that in the strong support of local governments and preferential investment promotion policies, Zhuji computer embroidery machine industry will surely usher in higher quality development based on Zhuji's perfect industrial chain and entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and enterprising. China Sewing Machinery Association is willing to work together with local governments and Zhuji enterprises to build Zhuji embroidery machine industry into a high-end computer embroidery machine manufacturing base.

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