Why does the computer embroidery machine always break

Summary:There are many factors that affect the disconnection. To make the disconnection less, the machine must be parked horizon...
There are many factors that affect the disconnection. To make the disconnection less, the machine must be parked horizontally and stably, and the jitter during operation must be small; the spindle rotation must be light; the gap between the parts must be small; The parameters of the points are correct); the passages and holes should be smooth; the following are some of the more common reasons for disconnection:

1. Needle
a) The smoothness of the needle is not enough, the needle groove and hole are not well polished, and the needle tip is blunt;
b) The needle is bent or not installed properly;
c) The installation angle of the needle is wrong, the thread-passing groove is not in front, it is too far to the left or right, or the thread-passing groove is on the back;
d) There are attachments (such as glue) in the pinhole;
e) The position of the needle clamp screw is wrong, it should be about 40 degrees to the right on the front;

2. Line
a) The quality of the line is poor, the strength is not enough, too hard, too brittle, and there are too many joints on the line tower;
b) If the direction of rotation is wrong, apply left-handed line;
c) The tension of the thread is too large;
d) The line is out of the line;
e) The thread does not match the needle size;

3. Cable passing system
a) The thread passing holes, thread passing wheels, thread passing hooks, thread clamps, upper, middle and lower thread passing, thread take-up lever, thread take-up spring and other thread passing places are rough or have burrs;
b) There are burrs on the needle chuck and presser foot;
c) The needle plate holes are rough or have burrs;

4. Rotary hook
a) Scratches on the hook, or the gap is too large;
b) There are scratches on the surface of the bobbin case;
c) The bobbin case and the hook are deformed;
d) There are scratches on the positioning rod;
e) Poor lubrication;

5. Parameters (installation location)
a) The bottom dead center position of the needle bar (172 degrees);
b) The hook thread hooking amount (196 degrees);
c) The height of the needle bar (the center of the needle hole is on the inner plane of the hook at 172 degrees);
d) Take-up time (286 degrees);

6. The pattern is too dense or chaotic.

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