What is the difference between jacquard and embroidery

Update:20 Jul 2020

With the development of society and the progress of the […]

With the development of society and the progress of the times. A single fabric can no longer meet our dressing requirements. Printing and dyeing are also too popular. Under the market situation that pursues both fashion and individuality. Businesses began to use their brains on fabric patterns, so jacquard and embroidered fabrics came into being.

Jacquard fabric

The pattern of the jacquard fabric is not ordinary printing or embroidery, but the pattern is directly woven into the fabric, and the warp and weft of different colors are interlaced and interwoven to form patterns of different colors. The jacquard fabric has fine texture, smooth texture, good gloss, good hand feeling, good drape and breathability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing), no deformation, no fading, and good comfort. Compared with embroidery fabrics , The cost is higher, and it is mostly used for bedding and clothing.

Embroidered fabric

Embroidered fabric is a kind of fabric material, mostly pure cotton, lace, etc. Among them, the most popular in the market is also cotton embroidery fabrics. Traditional fabrics are produced without any color and need to be dyed. Embroidered fabrics are used to embroider flower patterns on machines after dyeing, so that the value of fabrics produced is several times that of traditional fabrics. And because of the wide variety of embroidery, it can embroider all kinds of beautiful patterns, which is very popular among consumers.

The difference between jacquard and embroidery:

Jacquard is the pattern on the fabric that is woven with yarns of different colors when weaving. Compared with embroidered fabrics, the cost is higher, the quality and the air permeability are better.
Embroidery means that after the cloth is woven, the pattern is embroidered with a machine (in general). Compared with printing, it will not fade during washing. It has the characteristics of good breathability and moisture absorption.

Purchase of jacquard and embroidery:

For the weaving process of jacquard and embroidered fabrics, special attention should be paid to quality issues when purchasing, especially for jacquard fabrics whose cost is inherently high. In addition, fabrics may also have problems in the printing and dyeing process, so we still have to choose a trusted fabric supply platform. As a professional fabric procurement and supply platform, Global Textile Network has undergone strict inspections for self-operated fabrics to ensure quality and reduce procurement risks. At present, there are hundreds of jacquard and embroidered fabrics on the global textile network, and you are welcome to buy them.

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