What is better with screen printing or embroidery

Update:25 May 2020

Embroidery and screen printing-which decoration method […]

Embroidery and screen printing-which decoration method is better?
Which decoration method is best for your logo?
Embroidery and screen printing are the two main methods of adding logos to clothing.

The logo with embroidery is reproduced by sewing the thread directly onto the fabric. The actual stitching process is fully automatic and performed by a computerized embroidery machine. Most commercial embroidery machines have 12 or more sewing heads with a maximum of 15 stitches per head. This means that 12 items can be embroidered simultaneously, and the logo can use up to 15 thread colors. The first step is to create a program for your logo. This is called digitization. The end result is a program or logo file that can be uploaded to the embroidery machine and instructs the embroidery machine what to sew. The garment is manually "tightened" by the operator and loaded onto the machine.

With screen printing, the logo can be reproduced by squeezing the ink directly onto the clothing through the mesh screen. Each color in the logo requires a separate mesh screen, so a design with multiple colors costs more than a simple one-color design. Just like embroidery, the screen printing process has been partially automated, but the garments are handled separately by the operator. After printing, each piece of clothing will pass through the tunnel dryer, which will cure or fix the print.

When you consider which decoration method to use for clothing, you may be interested in two things.

Embroidery: best for business shirts, polo shirts, hats and jackets
Usually, the first thing we are asked is "Which method is cheaper? The answer depends on the complexity of the logo and the number of garments. In general, for pocket-sized logos, especially for smaller numbers (less than 100 garments) And logos with multiple colors, embroidery is cheap.

The cost of setting up most embroidered logos is a fixed fee and does not vary according to the number of colors in the logo. The cost of setting up screen printing depends on the color-each color in the logo requires a new mesh screen. Moreover, when printing a logo on a color T-shirt with a screen, "basic printing" (see it as an insole) is required, so, for example, white printing on a black T-shirt requires 2 screens. Because the installation cost of a typical embroidered logo is about the same as the cost of a single screen, embroidery is generally cheaper.

Large logos are an exception because they may take tens of thousands of stitches to create. They spend more machine time and use more threads, which makes it more expensive. Screen printing large designs and logos is cheaper.

Cost scenarios will also change due to large changes. The installation cost of screen printing becomes accidental and the printing cost becomes cheap.

Another thing to remember is whether you expect the same clothing to be ordered repeatedly. We do not charge any setting fees for repeating embroidery operations, but we will charge a reduced fee for repeating screen printing operations because we must remake the screen.

Screen printing: best for T-shirts, undershirts and hoodies
Regardless of cost, which method can bring you the best results? The answer to this question depends on the clothing decorated.

For business shirts and polo shirts, embroidery is usually the best choice. The embroidery on these items is considered more prestigious. Embroidery is usually best for hats and coats. The exception is polo shirts, which are usually used for round neck shirts. A large logo is required on the back of the shirt-screen printing may be a better solution.

For T-shirts and lightweight clothing, screen printing is the best choice. For T-shirts, embroidery is usually too "heavy", and you may notice "folds" around the logo because the stitches create tension. Screen printing has a "softer hand" than embroidery, so it is much better for large logos and designs. This is suitable for T-shirts because they have large decorative areas on the front and back.

In summary
Embroidery is the best choice for business shirts, polo shirts, hats and jackets.
Screen printing is the best choice for T-shirts, hoodies and large logos.

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