What is a high speed computer embroidery machine

Update:19 Jul 2019

1. The hardware of the embroidery machine: The embroide […]

1. The hardware of the embroidery machine: The embroidery machine has been running for more than 900 rpm for a long time. The hardness of the mechanical machine can't reach this request. If the speed is for more than 900 rpm, the wear level of the embroidery machine will be greatly improved and the service life will be improved. It has been greatly reduced, and the failure rate is also extremely high; so there are many embroidery machines that are high in the demonstration. They open more than 900 rpm. You have no results in watching the time, but they are not clear in their actions. Very brief, if there is a manufacturer to promote the high-speed machine to you, you ask him, according to the high-speed machine 1000 rpm can guarantee the operation of the embroidery machine a certain amount of time? This score can be asked.

2. embroidery machine supplies: Many people know that the future embroidery machine can still open higher, but why not? This is in line with the consumables used by the consumables. The quality of the embroidery thread in the present is not up to the request, and there are many knots and no abrasion resistance. In addition, the bending resistance and abrasion resistance of the embroidery needle cannot meet the requirements.

3. Embroidery frame deformation of the embroidery machine: When the embroidery machine runs at high speed, the belt of the transmission system changes from a stable state to a trembling condition, thereby inducing deformation of the embroidery frame, embroidering the embroidered position, and high precision.

4. the heat dissipation of the embroidery machine: the machine runs at high speed, the low temperature will occur in the friction; the difference between the computer name machine and the computer embroidery machine is mentioned below, the embroidery needle of the computer embroidery machine will have low temperature during the running, which will cause the broken wire to break. Needle, but the computer name machine will not be under three or four thousand turns? This is the result of heat dissipation. The computer embroidery machine usually takes a few needles to dozens of needles to a few hundred needles or even a few thousand needles to stay. The needles can not stand under the condition of a long time; but the computer name machine is a car clothes, such as a car. Pants, from this head to the end, just a few seconds, stay and come back, this stay is enough to dissipate heat.

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