What are the functions and characteristics of computer embroidery machine

Update:20 Mar 2020

Computer embroidery machines are widely used in embroid […]

Computer embroidery machines are widely used in embroidery processes such as fashion (collar flowers, corsages, laces, dressing nets), handbags, wedding dresses, sweaters, shoes and hats, window coverings, bedspreads, jewelry, high-end crafts, etc.With active color change function. According to the beautiful color configuration of the trick. Complete the active color change during embroidery.

Trimming system: active trimming function. Electromagnet buckle line. Stepper motor trimming. Stepping motor hook line needle position detection: potentiometer method. After finishing a certain color or area of ​​embroidery. The machine will actively cut the thread. Then, according to the requirements of the setting, active color change or continuous embroidery after crossing the frame.
Set flat embroidery, sequins, tape and other embroidery methods as a whole. The operation method is sensitive and changeable. Active conversion of flat embroidery head and reel head. Complete flat embroidery and reeling. Selection of double material tray structure. Significantly reduces the time for changing embroidery materials. Improve production efficiency.

Can be directly based on the thickness of embroidery cloth and embroidery crops on the computer. Adjust the distance between the lowest point where the presser foot falls and the throat plate. And the working height of the presser foot when embroidering. When serrated embroidery. Corresponding swing levers can be set on the operation panel according to the needs, so as to improve the embroidery effect.
After the reel head is finished embroidering. The presser foot can be actively raised. Enter the waiting status, which is convenient for changing the frame and data. When parking. The tray actively returns to the origin. Can be easily threaded and changed embroidery materials. Select the separation gas valve control system. . Can complete split head embroidery.
Improve embroidery effect. Through the selection of accessories and computer parameters. It can complete various embroidery effects such as winding embroidery, flat embroidery, rope embroidery, feather embroidery, and sawtooth embroidery.

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