What are the categories of computer embroidery lining paper

Update:13 Apr 2019

Water soluble cloth Water-soluble cloth is most commonl […]

Water soluble cloth

Water-soluble cloth is most commonly used in terry cloth and flannel, used as a face lining to prevent wool. The practice is to remove the excess part by hand and then wash it with water to completely dissolve all the water-soluble cloth. In addition, some high-priced products will be water-soluble cloth as a backing or face lining to improve product quality.

Hot melt

The use is roughly the same as water-soluble cloth, except that the hot melt is dissolved by heat, such as a roller-type hot press or an iron, which will never affect the pattern or leave any lining.


The underlay is a layer of material laid under the fabric to stabilize the stitching and improve the smoothness of the embroidery. For example, leather embroidery, the paper lining has a lubricating effect.

Face lining

In the case of embroidered special fabrics, such as terry cloth, velvet, blanket or velvet, because the surface is full of long hair, the yarn is easy to flex, plus a layer of plain, in order to prevent the embroidery thread from being entangled. Corduroy is another type of fabric whose surface is not smooth. At first glance, the pattern is like a missing needle. Actually, it is not the case that the pit pattern of the cloth causes the stitching to sag, so it is necessary to add the above.

Cut out

The cut-off is usually used as a backing, and after the embroidery is completed, the remaining part can be cut off.


It is a kind of paper that is thinner than the simple one. After embroidery, you can tear off the excess.

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