Type of computer embroidery machine

Update:23 Nov 2019

Computer embroidery machine can be divided into: ordina […]

Computer embroidery machine can be divided into: ordinary flat embroidery machine, gold piece embroidery (divided single gold, double gold, stacked gold, four gold), towel embroidery, winding embroidery (rope embroidery), laser embroidery, flocking Embroidery, cap embroidered garment embroidery, high-speed machine, etc., there are a variety of high-end models mixed with functions, such as three in one (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + winding embroidery), four in one (flat embroidery + gold embroidery + simple Winding embroidery + towel embroidery). The four-in-one hybrid embroidery computer embroidery machine is a special embroidery machine with high cost performance. It integrates ordinary embroidery such as ordinary flat embroidery, rope embroidery, gold embroidery, towel embroidery, etc. to realize 6-color ring embroidery and multi-color flat. The perfect combination of embroidery, gold embroidery and rope embroidery, the embroidery is elegant, fashionable and strong. Computerized embroidery machines are widely used in the embroidery process of clothing, curtains, bedding, handicrafts, etc., and the application prospect is very broad.

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