The most basic maintenance of embroidery machine repair

Update:03 Jan 2020

For maintenance workers, the most basic thing about a c […]

For maintenance workers, the most basic thing about a computer is maintenance. Dust removal and refueling are the most basic and most important. Especially in summer, we should pay more attention to the heat dissipation of X and Y drive boxes. For the embroidery machine, pay attention to the cables on the back of the drive box should be tied to both sides, leave a large space for ventilation, the cooling fan is broken, it must be replaced immediately, and the machine must be dusted regularly. The shuttle bed should be regularly sprayed with white oil or anti-rust oil. Sometimes the machine is very loud at half of the shuttle bed, which is caused by the lack of oil on the shuttle bed. Needle bar case, needle bar drive bottom shaft, flying saucer assembly are the key refueling places. You can add some thick oil in these places.

The needle bar case requires less oil, and the lower hole of the presser foot and the needle bar will accelerate wear. In serious cases, the hole in the base of the machine head will be worn out. The drive bottom shaft needs less oil, which will wear the steel sleeve and the bottom shaft in the middle of the drive rubber. If it is worn, the driving glue will shake, the needle bar will shift, and there will be more chances of disconnection. When it is more serious, the drive block and the bottom shaft are stuck, and the machine cannot be moved. I tried it once and checked it for a long time. Then there are the big and small connecting rods, and the fuel is between the silver arms. These non-fueling will only accelerate wear and cause loosening. The rest is the flying saucer assembly. There is a refueling hole on the top. Because there is a needle bearing in it, not refueling will cause the needle to loosen and wear.

It is recommended to add high-temperature bearing grease during overhaul in this place, it will not burn out. Shuttle beds are generally adjusted and sanded. The X and Y axis limit switches have not been determined, otherwise, the small bearings will be damaged if they hit the frame. This is basic mechanical maintenance. Attention should be paid to the circuit. The place where the drive box has fans is dusty.

Use a blower to clean the inside regularly, and pay attention to drying. Otherwise, the thin copper and through holes on the circuit board will be corroded and broken. This is difficult to check. I tried. Checked for a long time. Finally, there is no communication through the holes. Do not arbitrarily adjust the thermal relay on the motor. Someone may burn the motor coil to estimate this failure or disorder.

Under normal conditions, the motor coil is protected and will hardly burn out. The floppy drive should be protected from dust. Do not eject the disk when the indicator is on. If you have a tape recorder, you should pay attention to plugging and unplugging the data cable when shutting down, otherwise the chance of burning the tape recorder is very high.

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