The computer embroidery machine industry is developing rapidly

Update:19 Oct 2018

Driven by strong demand, the computerized embroidery ma […]

Driven by strong demand, the computerized embroidery machine control system, which is the core component of computerized embroidery machine, has entered a rapid development cycle. There are many brands of related products at home and abroad, and products available for computer embroidery machine manufacturers in the market. There are also many. However, since the computerized embroidery machine is a mechatronics product, different from the simple mechanical products in the past, computer embroidery machine manufacturers should consider more problems when selecting the control system for product design and product matching, in addition to the quality of the control system itself. Considerations must also consider the compatibility of the control system with other components, electromechanical coordination and other issues.

Electromechanical cooperation

Since the computer control system is designed and applied according to some specific computer embroidery machine models, the computerized embroidery electronic control system is difficult to adapt to all the changes in the mechanical structure control requirements of the whole machine. The user must specify the order when ordering.

Peripheral matching

The computer embroidery machine is a computer system that drives the embroidery machine movement by controlling the action of peripheral actuators (such as motors, electromagnets, etc.). Therefore, the mechanical and electrical matching relationship directly affects the performance and functional indicators of the computerized embroidery machine.

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