The advantage of computer embroidery machine compared with hand embroidery

Update:04 Apr 2019

Traditional hand embroidery is often a very hearty thin […]

Traditional hand embroidery is often a very hearty thing. It takes time and money to start. From a practical point of view, we have to use computer embroidery machines to stop embroidery. As long as a large number of production capacity enables everyone to buy at a reasonable price. To the embroidery, use it.

The computerized embroidery plate making program is compared with traditional hand embroidery:

a. The use of acupuncture

Traditional embroidery is limited by hand. On weekdays, only the round-trip needles (zigzag needles) are used. This is called the needle in fashionable embroidery. It is the simplest and most basic method of acupuncture, and a complete name must be divided. The composition of the department, then the embroidery plan will become more interesting when the disagreement is used to make a unified plan. Doubled and perfected. These needles can be large, small, and can be embroidered in several combinations;

b. High embroidering effect

The traditional embroidered embroidery is long and the embroidered embroidered with the uniform paintings is a different style. The delivery period is long and it is not suitable for batch production. And fashionable embroidery does not have such achievements, only the customer chooses the flower version, no matter how many frames are set, each product character can obtain useful guarantee and guarantee the real-time supply;

c. The price is more positive

Traditional embroidery is time consuming. Labor, a piece of embroidery is usually used for half a year. One year, and even longer, although the price is also very expensive.

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