Talking about European Cross Stitch and Suzhou Embroidery in China

Update:21 Oct 2019

Cross-stitch is a craft of origin and European court, a […]

Cross-stitch is a craft of origin and European court, and the production process is simple and easy to learn.

The cross-stitch embroidery method is simpler than the embroidery. The cloth is specially made. It is divided into many small lattices. A cross is embedded in each small lattice. A line of different colors is used to form a picture. There are four or five kinds of stitches added. Basically, the embroidery method is simple and easy to learn. Simply pass the line through the grid on the mesh fabric according to the design artwork, which is easy to learn and understand. If you will sew the buttons, then you will sew the cross-stitch, just according to the design of the special pattern, the "cross" of the different colors of the pattern will be stitched to the embroidered cloth. Different patterns with different colors of cloth and lines, through the simple cross to complete the color matching and transition, you only need a little time and patience to complete a piece that makes you feel very fulfilled. Cross stitch works.

Su embroidery and cross-stitch are the crystallization of the industrious wisdom of the people. They are all excellent craftsmanship of value learning. In comparison, the former is dignified and sturdy, and can not be met; the latter is all but the other, but lively and lovely. People are happy. In general, the technical requirements are different, and the leading industries are different.
Su embroidery originated in China and developed a traditional handicraft in Suzhou. The embroidery thread is made of silk, which is matched with the color according to the overall color of the original. The thickness of the embroidery thread is determined according to the quality of the work. Usually, one line of a thread is called a velvet, and a line is sixteen points. One is called a silk. Su embroidery pays attention to the combination of craftsmanship and artistry. It requires the embroider not only to have skilled hand-embroidering techniques, but also to fully understand the connotation of the embroidered subject matter. Therefore, Su embroidery is a high-level skill, which requires the hard work of the embroiderers and carefully observes the life. Everything in the world, select the excellent Su embroidery theme, in-depth study and study of the needles and color matching of all the works.

Su embroidery can use different fabrics according to the needs of the theme, such as silk fabrics, thick and thin, the color of the fabric can be dyed according to the theme of red, blue and so on. There are currently two ways for Su embroidery to be produced on the theme. One is the hand-painted by the producer, and the other is the machine-jet printing.

The characteristics of Su embroidery can be summarized as eight words: flat, homogeneous, fine, dense, uniform, smooth, and light. For purely admired art embroidery, it is made up of needles and pens. The characteristics of the technique and the needle method are four words: "the color is not traced, the iron is evenly distributed, the silk floor is clear, and the hair piece is light and loose".

The embroidery process emphasizes the effect of the work, the change of light and shadow, the color simulation, and the effect of many works after embroidering even exceeds the material of the original copy.

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