Super multi head embroidery machine

Update:23 Mar 2019

Ultra-multi-head refers to a computer-controlled automa […]

Ultra-multi-head refers to a computer-controlled automatic color changing embroidery machine with more than 60 embroidery machines (currently 56 heads on the market), which can partially replace the embroidery equipment of "Flying Embroidery", with less investment and effective effect. Fast, flexible production and operation. The number of super-multi-heads can be selected between 65-120 heads according to customer needs. Compared with traditional shuttle machines, it has advantages: it has carved hole embroidery, complementary embroidery function, four-color embroidery, convenient color change; The width of the combined embroidery function can be multiplied; the X and Y axes of the embroidery frame are applied with a servo drive motor and a special reduction gear box. The width of the timing belt is up to 80 mm, and the embroidery speed of 7 mm needle length and 700 stitch/min can be achieved. The speed is up to 850 stitches per minute, which is smaller and cheaper than the shuttle. This model is suitable for embroidery of various wide widths and different fabrics, and is suitable for making embroidery products for home textile products such as curtains and bedding. The machine has a number of patents, good stability, suitable for small batches, multiple varieties, and fast changes.

The product innovation integrates the Z-axis (head and hook part) as the whole moving unit to realize the X-direction movement. The two sets of “rolling groups” form a single roller rotation to realize the Y-direction movement, and the roller rotation group realizes the rotation and the left-right movement. Separation, fundamentally improve the smoothness of the rubber roller operation, high-precision transmission (linear guide, rolling screw) to ensure the Z-axis motion accuracy of 0.02mm, innovative upper and lower shaft drive and Z-axis motion unit function intensive, so that the whole structure More compact and reasonable, and the embroidery speed can reach up to 850 rpm. The product integrates the functions of flat embroidery, sequin embroidery and engraving and embroidering. The whole machine runs smoothly, the production efficiency is high, the embroidery patterns are beautiful and diverse, and the cost performance is high. It is suitable for the decoration market of curtains, bedding and other large-formats. Meet the needs of customers.

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