Simple way to solve the broken thread of embroidery machine

Update:03 Mar 2020

If a machine head is particularly fond of disconnection […]

If a machine head is particularly fond of disconnection, you can use the following steps to solve the easiest

1. First touch the hook with your hand, with or without burrs, yes, changed

2. Look at the depth of the needle position, whether the hook seat is running, pay attention to turn the machine to 196 degrees, open the needle plate, press the needle down, and see the position, the lower end of the needle hole must be 1.5 to 2 below the hook tip A distance of about millimeters, and the hook tip must be in a straight line with the needle, and the distance between the rear plane of the needle and the tip of the hook must be a hair. If not, these requirements must be met.

3. See if there is burr in the needle plate, and you must use sandpaper

4. Needle bar and needle change

5. If the above methods have not been tried, press the needle down, hold the needle clamp with your hands, and move up and down. If the gap exceeds 3 mm, replace it. The slider, "Driver" and the aluminum link, small link, to The big connecting rod is filled with butter to reduce the gap. Hold the jumper stem A in your hand and swing it up and down about 250 degrees to see if the cam gap is the same and whether 7.94 balls fall off.

6. or more have been tried. In the last move, the machine turned to 172 degrees, and the main shaft was fixed to death. It was impossible for him to move the specific method, and then he thought of the eccentric clamp on the main shaft on the right side of the car body. The head is loose. Grasp the eccentric cam with your hand, which is the 4-piece set. To turn left and right, find a motion trajectory. At the lowest end of the trajectory, tighten the chuck. If you feel bad and have poor eyesight, you can use Tables, usually without tables, one head is not a big problem, and the number of heads is not enough.

7. The above methods have been used to ensure that the machine is constantly on line. If you break it, you will not have any overhaul. It will be sold as scrap iron. If you do n’t repair it, you have to change a lot of things. It ’s not cost-effective. Depending on the machine.

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