Main structure and function of computer embroidery machine

Update:27 Jul 2019

Common aspects of the motor of the embroidery machine B […]

Common aspects of the motor of the embroidery machine

Because the computer control system is based on the planning and application of some detailed computer embroidery machine models, it is difficult for the computerized embroidery motor control system to comply with all the changed parts machine layout control requests. The user must understand the request when ordering.

Peripheral configuration

The computer embroidery machine is a computer system that drives the embroidery machine movement through the control of the core actuators (such as motors, electromagnets, etc). Therefore, the configuration of the machine and the electrical system directly affects the function and efficiency of the computer embroidery machine parts.

1: computer embroidery machine embroidery frame and driven stepper motor

The component and inertia of the frame must match the input torque and moment frequency characteristics of the stepper motor. The goals of the motor are much larger than the needs of the frame it mobilizes, which will result in an increase in splurge and volume. On the other hand, if the driving force of the stepping motor is insufficient, it will result in achievements such as famous position, motor overheating, increased noise, and low life. Therefore, when the user selects the stepping motor that drives the frame, the user should select the appropriate motor according to the size, weight of the frame and the characteristics of the transmission mechanism.

2: Spindle machine system and spindle drive motor

The transmission load of the spindle machine system is matched with the input power of the spindle drive motor. The input power of the spindle motor is less than the spindle drive load, which will directly affect the parking accuracy, running stability and embroidery consequences of the part. Therefore, when the user selects the spindle motor example and the input power of the motor and the transmission inertia of the motor, it is required to fully explain the transmission characteristics of the spindle system, and budget the transmission inertia of the spindle transmission system, the maximum load torque, and then leave a certain margin. In this case, choose the appropriate spindle motor.

Because the computerized embroidery machine is a product of motor integration, which is different from the previous pure machine products, computer embroidery machine manufacturers should consider more achievements when choosing the control system and product matching, in addition to the quality of the system. It is also necessary to consider the compatibility of the control system with the rest of the components and the common achievements of the motor.

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