Main points for maintenance of several embroidery processing equipment

Update:11 Jan 2020

When the embroiderer operates the embroidery machine, h […]

When the embroiderer operates the embroidery machine, he needs to do maintenance work on the embroidery processing equipment, which can be roughly divided into three parts (maintenance parts, maintenance cycle, maintenance precautions)

Maintenance parts of embroidery machine

The maintenance of the embroidery machine is performed by the embroiderer. The parts of the ordinary embroidery machine are carefully inspected for 5-10 minutes, and the key embroidery machine parts are carefully inspected for 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to wipe all parts of the machine and fill it with lubricating oil, so that the equipment is always kept neat, tidy, lubricated and safe, which is conducive to the smooth operation of the machine. At present, the maintenance parts of the embroidery machine are mainly: main shaft gearbox, thread trimming structure, thread adjustment structure, color changing structure, X-axis guide drive, Y-axis guide drive, thread clamping structure, and embroidery frame structure.

Maintenance cycle of embroidery machine
In fact, many embroidery factory operators do not pay much attention to the maintenance cycle of the embroidery machine, and some maintain the embroidery machine once a year or several years, and even some embroidery factories only think of maintenance when the machine fails. In fact, only by grasping the maintenance time of various parts of the embroidery machine can the machine run more smoothly and effectively improve the machine's working efficiency.

Third, the embroidery machine maintenance precautions
The timely cleaning of dust and sundries on the embroidery machine is not only to ensure the beauty of the machine, but also to ensure the good working condition of the machine, so that the embroidery machine can achieve beautiful embroidery effects.

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