Main features of computer embroidery machine

Update:17 May 2019

The computer embroidery machine has the characteristics […]

The computer embroidery machine has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, many functions, high degree of automation, simple operation and low noise. Figure 1 is a computer embroidery machine prototype. Its main features are as follows:

Excellent operability The machine is mostly keyboard-operated, and the use of the corresponding processing software makes the embroidery work easy and easy to master. The use of the display device to a certain extent enhances the visualization of the operation, thereby facilitating the use of the general practitioner. There is a long pole switch under the work surface, which is very convenient to start and stop. The orientation of the frame can be manually controlled, making it easy to find the desired positioning point. The high-end machine also has a high-speed, low-speed idling function, which makes the embroidery and positioning very fast and flexible.

With strong editing and storage functions, the use of the computer enables the embroidery machine to memorize nearly 100 kinds of patterns, and the number of memory needles reaches more than 300,000 needles. If the user needs, additional expansion configurations can be added to meet different needs. Generally, the editing process such as scaling, rotation, and combined segmentation can be performed to adapt to the actual needs of embroidery. Built-in floppy disk drive, which can directly read the binary (DSB), ternary (DST), z-ary (DSZ) disk pattern on the Tajima format disk and the binary ternary on the disk file of the BEHRINGER FDR format, Z Binary disk pattern to memory, and can output the memory pattern to disk in binary format.

Perfect control system A variety of advanced automatic control technology applications, so that the embroidery machine has excellent speed control performance, the spindle can obtain a stepless transformation of 300 ~ 650 rev / min; after a pattern is finished, according to the instructions given Automatically embroider this pattern repeatedly in the next position to achieve automatic repetitive embroidery; when the embroidery exceeds the embroidery range, the machine will automatically stop to protect the shed over the range; when the machine fails, the operation panel will display the wrong head type. And knowing the fault. In addition, in the embroidery process, automatic thread trimming, automatic digging embroidery, automatic detection of disconnection, power failure protection, command jump, automatic error stop, stitch compensation, cycle embroidery, pattern output, etc. can be realized.

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