Introduction to the functions and features of the computer embroidery machine

Update:13 Oct 2018

          The computer embroidery machine is a kind of […]

          The computer embroidery machine is a kind of clothing machinery and equipment. It is developed on the basis of computer sewing machines. Before the computerized embroidery machine was officially developed, the sewing machine occupied the market. With the development of electronic technology, the computer began to gradually control the mechanical equipment, which gave birth to the computer sewing machine. The computer sewing machine starts with a four-axis CNC with a microprocessor. The two stepping motors are controlled by the numerical control system to drive the table for plane motion, and the control of the intermittent motion is completed. In addition, computer sewing machines have added functional modules such as wire break detection and data storage to make their work stable and convenient.

        Computer embroidery machines are produced with the development of computer sewing machines. It adds the function of embroidery to the computer sewing machine, and also makes appropriate changes in the original mechanical equipment hardware and software, making it better for embroidery work.

        The function and characteristics of clothing machinery computer embroidery machine

        The computer embroidery machine has the characteristics of simple structure, stable operation, many functions, high degree of automation, simple operation and low noise. The computerized high-end machine also has a high-speed, low-speed idling function, which makes the embroidery and positioning very fast and flexible.

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