Introduction of Chain Computer Embroidery Machine

Update:14 Dec 2019

Chain sequin computer embroidery machine control system […]

Chain sequin computer embroidery machine control system is a new type of special embroidery machine control system developed on the CX9 series chain / towel embroidery computer control platform. The chain sequin control system perfectly combines the chain stitch and sequins on the basis of maintaining all the functions and performances of the electromechanical control of the loop embroidery, adding a strong Metal breath. Its characteristics are:

1. Independent control, separate embroidery
The film feeding device of the gold embroidery computer embroidery machine is independently controlled, which can be lifted and dropped freely, which greatly reduces the thread breakage rate, ensures the quality of embroidery, and reduces the defective rate.

2.Simple electrical + mechanical structure
In order to achieve 360-degree embroidery in all directions, the chain sequins are mounted in a "head-to-head" manner, and no mechanical changes are required to the universal chain head. At the same time, the "pull sheet" type sequins are used to ensure the integrity of the sequins in embroidery.

3. Humanized operation interface makes installation, testing and use convenient and quick
Supports separate manual debugging and centralized debugging of the whole machine. The sequin embroidery status indicator and disconnection detection indicator installed on the film feeding device are convenient for users to observe the running status of each head. Support the operation head setting of sequin embroidery work mode and related parameters of the mechanical device. It does not need to turn off the power, it will take effect immediately.

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