How to maintain the embroidery machine

Update:05 May 2019

1. The organization of the clamping line should be regu […]

1. The organization of the clamping line should be regularly arranged to avoid the influence of debris on the organization of the wire feeding and the failure of the wire breaking detection.

2. The contact with the wire spring on the wire board should be touched well to ensure that the wire breakage detection is normal.

3. For each exposed gear, it should be finished once in half a month to remove debris and dust, and apply grease to ensure smooth operation.

4. For the main control box and driver, clean it once a week, use the brush to remove the dust on it to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation. Do not wipe with water and solvent to avoid circuit defects.

5. For each moving part and host, you should check and make necessary finishing at any time.

6. Check the fasteners on all parts of the machine regularly to avoid looseness caused by long hours of work.

7. For needle clips, needle plates, and curved needles, it is recommended to carry out finishing once a week to remove debris and thread ends to avoid the occurrence of broken wires.

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