How to distinguish the difference between computer embroidery and hand embroidery

Update:06 Jul 2020

Su embroidery: the natural silk is used for the thread […]

Su embroidery: the natural silk is used for the thread material, commonly known as "flower thread" with natural luster.
Machine embroidery: silk thread made of chemical fiber material is relatively smooth. When the machine is embroidered, it is pulled tightly. Natural silk thread cannot be selected to be produced by the machine, so it feels hard.
Second, precision
Su Xiu: The silk thread used can split silk. For a craft embroidery painting, due to craftsmanship, different thickness threads are used to embroider the picture during the embroidery process, so you can see it if you look carefully.
Machine embroidery: The thread used for the embroidery screen cannot be broken due to technical reasons, so the entire screen is the same thickness, and the forming effect looks dull.

Third, color
The color distribution of machine embroidery is not uniform in craftsmanship, and some local transitions are not sensitive in craftsmanship and are relatively dull.
Fourth, embroidery thread placement
Machine embroidery: The embroidery threads are placed neatly and orderly, and the spread of the stitches is very regular. The stitches are long and the thread is very thick.
Su embroidery: Because it is made by hand, it is impossible for the embroidering lady to have the same length of each stitch at the time of embroidering, so you can see it carefully.

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