How to choose the computerized embroidery machine's electronic control system

Update:19 Jan 2020

As the most focused component of computerized embroider […]

As the most focused component of computerized embroidery machines, electronic control is the computer embroidery machine control system. Many related brands are presented at home and abroad, and there are many products available for computer embroidery machine manufacturers to choose from. However, because the computer embroidery machine is a product of motor integration, which is different from the pure machine products in the past, computer embroidery machine manufacturers must consider more achievements when choosing the control system to stop product planning and product matching. In the consideration of performance, we must also consider the performance of the control system that is compatible with the remaining components and the common motor.

Because the computer control system is planned and applied based on some detailed computer embroidery machine models, it is difficult for the computer embroidery motor control system to respond to all changing parts machine layout control requests. The user must understand the request when ordering.

Computerized embroidery machine is a computer system that drives the movement of the embroidery machine through the core control mechanism (such as motor, electromagnet, etc.). Therefore, the mating relationship between the machine and the electric directly affects the function and efficacy goals of the computer embroidery machine parts.

1.Embroidery frame and stepping motor driven

The component and inertia of the embroidery frame must match the input torque and torque frequency characteristics of the stepper motor. The various goals of the motor are far greater than the needs of the embroidery frame it mobilizes, which will result in extravagance and unnecessary increase in volume. Conversely, if the driving force of the stepping motor is insufficient, it will result in famous positions, overheating of the motor, increased noise, and low life. Therefore, when choosing the stepping motor that drives the embroidery frame, the user must choose a suitable motor according to the size, weight and characteristics of the transmission mechanism.

2.Spindle machine system and spindle drive motor

The transmission load of the spindle machine system must match the input power of the spindle drive motor. The input power of the spindle motor is less than the spindle drive load, which will directly affect the parking accuracy, running stability and embroidery consequences of the parts. Therefore, when choosing a spindle motor example (such as servo, slip, variable frequency motor) and the input power of the motor and the motor's transmission inertia, the user requests to fully explain the transmission characteristics of the spindle system and budget the transmission inertia of the spindle transmission system. Load torque, and leave a certain margin, choose a suitable spindle motor.

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