How to achieve high speed embroidery machine fast and efficient

Update:27 Apr 2019

How to achieve high speed embroidery machine fast and e […]

How to achieve high speed embroidery machine fast and efficient? The efficiency of an embroidery machine is usually described in terms of its maximum speed. In practice, when the embroidery machine switches the needle length, the electronic control system stops adjusting the rotation speed of the embroidery machine. For example, if a machine is running at a maximum of 750 rpm when the 2mm switching needle is long, and when the switching needle length becomes 10mm, the electronic control system will reduce its rotation speed to a very low level (<500 rpm) and follow the steps. The time when the motor drives the frame to move.

Therefore, the scientific description of the efficiency of high-speed embroidery machines should have three parameters, namely the highest speed, the lowest speed, and the switching needle length. The highest speed and the lowest speed determine the speed range of the machine, and the length of the switch determines the length of the needle for the speed reduction. Since the needle length required for the trick is greater than the length of the switch needle, it will automatically slow down to conform to the frame movement. The full servo system is completed by increasing the maximum speed, the minimum speed and changing the switching pin length.

The high-speed embroidery machine that uses the stepping motor to drive the frame is usually set at 750 rpm. When the needle length is greater than 5 mm, the electronic control system will automatically reduce the spindle speed due to the limitation of the performance of the stepping motor. In order to ensure that the frame has enough time to work in place. The servo motor has the characteristics of high speed, strong overload, and large output torque. When it is applied to the frame drive, it greatly shortens the time period required for the frame to move back and forth. This makes the embroidery machine use a large switch needle length. The spindle can work at high speed to improve the working efficiency of the embroidery machine. Thanks to the use of the servo motor, the switching needle length can increase the switching length of the machine to 7mm without slowing down, so that most of the needle length works at the maximum speed.

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