How does a multi-needle embroidery machine work

Update:06 May 2020

How does a multi-needle embroidery machine work? If you […]

How does a multi-needle embroidery machine work?

If you are interested in buying an embroidery machine, there are two main types: single-needle or multi-needle embroidery machines.

Both can produce exquisite knitting yarn patterns, single-needle machines can be used to make smaller individual parts, and multi-needle machines (such as the new coboy) can be better when your needs are high.

Multi-needle patterns can really make machine embroidery a pleasure.


What is a single needle embroidery machine?
A single needle embroidery machine is an embroidery machine that looks like any other sewing machine.

They can be used not only as a special embroidery machine for household use, but also as a popular sewing and embroidery combination model.

These devices have only one needle, and one thread can be loaded at a time to use it in stitch design, then the machine must be stopped, removed and refilled with the next color.

They are ideal for monograms or simpler designs and can be used for designs with many details. However, the single-needle machine may be tedious after a while.

They are ideal when you just want to decorate a sewn gift or sew simple drawings on multiple objects at the same time.


What is a multi-needle embroidery machine?
Multi-needle embroidery machine is a special embroidery machine, which provides higher convenience and flexibility compared with single needle block.

Models such as the new Melco Amaya Bravo with 16 needles allow you to sew complex designs in multiple colors quickly and easily because each needle has multi-colored threads.

A computer program controls the machine and tells the machine which needle and colored thread to use in the design to ensure minimal removal and re-stripping.

Why buy a multi-needle embroidery machine?
The main reason you might consider investing in a multi-needle embroidery machine is because you have to make many complex or large designs with multiple colors, and these machines can actually automate the entire process.

Once the design is downloaded, edited and programmed into the machine, it will continue to stitch until the entire design is complete.

They are much faster than any single needle machine, and you don't need to constantly change the thread color.

In addition to the many other features of these professional caliber models, the multi-needle embroidery machine is also ideal for sewing more than one or two pieces, or if your design looks more like a masterpiece of small threads than Simple ordinary patterns are ideal. Or only need to change the flow of one or two flows.

Advantages of multi-thread embroidery machines
For anyone involved in home embroidery, the cost of a multi-needle machine such as lejia embroidery machine may be a little higher than the price of home or combination installation, which is an ideal choice. Nevertheless, they can still quickly recover their production.

The best part is that you do n’t have to keep looking at the machine and wait for the thread color to change, plus the multi-needle and multi-color embroidery machine can work unattended until the design is completed!

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