Functional features of high-speed automatic computer computer embroidery machine

Summary: 1. Embroidery machine is simple and convenient, systematic compatibilityComputer embroidery machine adopts the most adv...
1. Embroidery machine is simple and convenient, systematic compatibility
Computer embroidery machine adopts the most advanced generals in China (high resolution color large screen liquid crystal display), movable digital tracking in the embroidery, simple and convenient operation.
2. Embroidery machine is accurate, reliable main transmission system
Computer embroidery machine uses a big or slave servo motor and the Japanese NSK bearings to make the main drive operation more accurate and more stable.
3. Embroidery embroidery accuracy is high
The computer embroidery machine uses high-precision key accessories such as Desheng hook or Japanese imported hook, linear drive, Italy Mc Gadi leather belt, greatly improves the accuracy of embroidery.
4. Embroidery machine disconnection detection, power outage protection and recovery function
Computer embroidery machine has power-on protection and power-off recovery function, smart disconnection detection function, can automatically reply to the end-embroidery point or cementing point, prevent leakage, guarantee extremely high embroidery quality.
5. High-yielding embroidery machine
Computer embroidery machines have greatly improved due to great reduction of downtime, and disconnecting, etc., which have been greatly improved.
6. High cost-effective embroidery machine
Computer embroidery machine has excellent business management, and is extremely concerned about every detail in the process of embroidery machine production process, making our products with higher cost performance, and is the ideal choice for customers.