Flat embroidery machine range and function features

Update:20 Feb 2019

The flat embroidery series computer embroidery machine […]

The flat embroidery series computer embroidery machine products are widely used in embroidery, such as fashion, curtains, bedspreads, toys, decorations, arts and crafts.


1. Liquid crystal display: It adopts high-resolution color large-screen liquid crystal display, which can dynamically display digital patterns during embroidery process. It can be switched between Chinese and English according to needs, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2. pattern format and storage capacity: binary, ternary multiple disk format files, storage capacity up to 1 million needles, 99 patterns.

3. the rotation and zoom function of the pattern: the pattern can be rotated arbitrarily within the 0-360 degree flower circumference, or it can be reversed left and right. The pattern can be freely scaled between 50-200%, and the rotation priority or magnification priority of the pattern can be selected to meet the embroidery of different needs.

4. the editing and combination function of the pattern: the pattern in the memory can be edited and modified, or several different patterns, different directions, multiples, distances can be combined into a new pattern, which is flexible and convenient to use.

5. repeated embroidering function: can be repeated repeatedly or partially, horizontally up to 9 times, vertical up to 9 times, a total of 81 times repeated embroidery.

6. Stitch compensation function: automatically search for the flat pattern of the specified pattern, and widen it as required to generate a new pattern.

7. Complementary embroidery function: In the embroidery, due to disconnection and other reasons, the embroidery will occur in the individual machine heads. At this time, the embroidery thread can be retracted. When the ordinary pattern is embroidered, the number of needles will be unrestricted. When the pattern is used, you can retreat to the starting point of the current common pattern.

8. Automatic compensation function: According to the different requirements of the fabric pattern, the machine can set the X-axis and Y-axis compensation separately or simultaneously to achieve the best embroidery effect.

9. with power failure protection and power failure recovery function, disconnection detection function, automatic thread trimming function (optional).

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