Five points of embroidering machine pattern embroidering point memory function

Update:23 Sep 2019

Point 1: When the embroidery pattern is selected, if th […]

Point 1: When the embroidery pattern is selected, if the machine does not set the “origin of the frame”, the prompt “Set the origin of the embroidery first, in order to remember the origin of the pattern” will appear, and the setting of the origin of the frame must be set in order to make the pattern start. The memory function is realized.

Point 2: When selecting the embroidery pattern, if there is a “*” mark after the pattern number (indicating that the pattern has memorized the embroidery point), and the current position of the frame is different from the memory position, the prompt “Response pattern will appear. Embroidery points, press the 'origin' button, and resume the pattern to embroider points. In other cases, this prompt will not appear.

Point 3: If you want to use the embroidering point memory function of the pattern, we recommend using this sequence of operations: the first step: select the embroidery pattern; the second step: move the frame to determine the starting point of the pattern; the third step: make the embroidery confirmation , according to the prompt to remember the embroidering point.

Point 4: After the embroidery is confirmed, the embroidering point is determined by moving the frame and will not be memorized.

Point 5: If the pattern starts to memorize, it can also help to restore the frame. When the machine is powered off and the frame has been moved, when the original frame of the machine is valid (if it is invalid, the original frame of the original frame can be repeated to ensure that the origin of the frame is the same as the previous one), the embroidery is confirmed and re-set. Select the pattern and restore the embroidery point of the pattern, and then make the embroidery to determine, then go to the stop point at high speed, and finally continue the embroidery.

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